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What is It?

Livefromyourpassion is a training and consulting company dedicated to help individuals and companies to rediscover a life of passionate engagement.
Imagine how your life and your work would be if you were fully inspired, energized, engaged with passion and purpose in everything that you did.
Most people, as Ken Robinson says, endure their lives instead of enjoying them.
At work, they do the minimum in hopes of just making it through one more day , getting to the end of the month and paying their bills.
They are what Gallup called “disengaged employees” or worst case scenario, “actively disengaged employees”, compromising company efforts and initiatives, discouraging others with their language and attitudes. May be you don’t want to recognize that you have been actively disengaged, but certainly most of us have been at some point, simply disengaged with our work activity.

When was the last time that you felt that your job was a work of love, which helped you to bring your unique contribution to the world through your unique talents, skills and experiences? Is your job your mission? Is it satisfying a higher purpose?
When there is no inspiration, no passion or sense of purpose, productivity suffers and company income and profits suffer.
All this lack of an inspired life in what you do for a living, is how you make your contribution in the world using two thirds of your life, have you probably drained and exhausted, and therefore your personal life suffers too. You are not drained because too much work, but because lack of a higher purpose and engagement that energizes you! Purpose gives you energy.

Imagine being able to turn this around.

Do you think that is impossible because we are going through an economic crisis? You are too young, old, unprepared, overly qualified, don’t speak foreign languages or any other reason that your mind is telling you? I will remind you that your mind talks a lot, and sometimes our thoughts “think us” instead of we directing our mind.
It is time for you to regain control of your brain and use that powerful device to your advantage. You can do this. You can make tiny choices every day in favor if your most passionate and inspired life and you will be surprised with the results once you take action.

If you are a company owner, do you think your employees are too lazy, not committed and that it will be impossible to turn them around?
Well, I am here to tell you that in Livefromyourpassion we have tools that will help you, both for individuals and for companies to turn this situation around.
Every human being is unique, and we all have a desire a passion latent within us. It is only a question of reconnecting with our hearts, rediscovering what drive us, and aligning that with a higher purpose, so both at work and in life, your are driven, energetic, productive, and having fun too!
This is what I am all about and my life has changed dramatically with the tools that I now use to train individuals and companies.
My mission and my purpose are to reignite passionate engagement.

Through my corporate training programs, individual coaching sessions, scheduled workshops and workshops on demand, I deliver my unique contribution to the world and have tons of fun in the process.
Contact me if you want to know more about making the choices necessary so your life and/or your company can change as well.