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What riding a bicycle has to do with creating a passionate business that generates wealth?

What riding a bicycle has to do with creating a passionate business that generates wealth?

Friday 23rd August was a special day for me, a day to celebrate. I did my first bicycle trip: 15 km, in the middle of beautiful nature, forest and small villages in the East of the Netherlands.
I was really scared. But I did it and the feeling of euphoria was unbelievable.

And yesterday 24th August, I rode for the second day, another 30 km journey. Afterwards I had a total feeling of achievement and confidence.

May be I am a little weird. It is not scary of me to speak in front of 500 people, but riding a bicycle, for me, until recently, meant total panic.

It became the best definition of stepping our of my comfort zone, which is different for each person.

I didn’t learn it when I was a child. In 2010 I took some classes and managed to ride the bicycle for a while. This year 2013 I have taken a special course for adults for two weekends and came out cycling.

As we know, the Universe has a sense of humor, so my husband is Dutch, and he has created the perfect circumstances for me to do a long bicycle trip and to overcome my fear.

Celebrando mi primer viaje en bicicleta (30 km)

Celebrando mi primer viaje en bicicleta (30 km)

Celebrando mi segundo viaje en bicicleta (otros 30 km)

Celebrando mi segundo viaje en bicicleta (otros 30 km)

What does this have to do with you and the passionate business that you want to create/are creating?

Both days, as I was riding, I was taking life lessons that I want to share with you.
They are the following:

Get a coach, expert on that which you are trying to create. You want a coach that will push you through your self-imposed limitations; who will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. (My cycling coach was in this case my husband. First he put me in this situation of cycling 15 km, where it was very difficult for me to turn back. He gave me tips for keeping calm when another bike would approach me. He bought a pump in case we would need it. He gave me advice in little things like when you change gears. And above all ,he trusted implicitly that I was able to do it.)

Carve a project out of your vision and start with the first step. (My vision is to go cycling on Sundays with a cycling club and ride minimum 100 km each week but I had to start somewhere). Focus in this project with exclusion of everything else. Give it a definite beginning and end, name your project and stop thinking about what comes next. Think only in the project at hand. When you finish this project, you will be more prepared for the next step. You would have gained strength and confidence.

Refuse to focus on what the competition is doing and compare yourself with them. I am not saying don’t do your research. Just don’t focus on them. You have your own comfort zone, completely different that theirs. Perhaps what you have already mastered, they are a beginner at, and vice versa. (That was a huge lesson for me, when I focused on a man that approached me in his bike. I focused, I focused, and I crashed into him and we both fell. From that point onwards I never crashed with anyone else. My coach/husband told me: when someone approaches you, look down at your right hand side and speed up. It works perfectly!). Where do you have to focus on your own path and speed up your own actions when you see other competitors out there?

Continue pedaling (taking actions), one step after the next, a pedaling after the next. If you are creating your own company: implement, implement, implement. Stay on the road, continue in your route. I know that you are sometimes tired, sometimes scared, that obstacles come up. Your legs and other parts hurt. But if you stay on the path, and you don’t turn back, you will arrive to your destination. You will finish the project that you have carved out for yourself.

If you are about to crash: use the break! That was a huge discovery for me, my second day cycling. The first day I fell three times, and there were always curves I had to enter in a narrower area and then change direction. I could see I was going to crash but I would not do anything and at the end I crashed. The second day I rediscovered the break! When I didn’t feel comfortable, I will hold the break strongly and that gave me a feeling of control to take the curve safely. In your personal or professional life, how many times you have the feeling that something is going wrong? Your stomach tells you. Your intuition guides you. Stop and reflect. Say the magic word: NO or “I need more time”. It could be a great discovery. You don’t need to say YES to everything to that is offered to you. You have the right to stop and reboot. Even to make an U-turn if something is not good for you anymore. Did you study engineering and now want to start a fashion business? Or a dancing studio? Or a writing career? Reboot, put the break, say NO and take the rest of your live with control and confidence. Be the owner of your decisions, the creator of your circumstances.

Celebrate your achievements! Be grateful to Life for every little achievement, person and circumstance that has been put in your way so you could create that magic today. The celebration will anchor your progress and help you to continue implementing.

If you want expert help in creating a passionate business that would fill you up with joy and satisfaction, and will allow you to feel the euphoria of passionate creation while you contribute to others and create wealth, contact me at mdorado@livefromyourpassion. I can help you, being the coach that believes in you, even more that you believe in yourself. I am the coach that has already made that transition, from feeling trapped in jobs that no longer provided me satisfaction and purpose, to living every day immersing in passionate creation of my new joyful business. Every day I live now creating, being of service, adding value to my clients and generating wealth, no matter the state of the economy.