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I must confess my adoration for The Passion Test for Business program. As much as I enjoy helping people to create their ideal lives, health, relationships, dreams like travelling around the world, I get tremendous energy from helping businesses to ignite their passion and expand their contribution in the world.

I remember when I obtained my certification in The Passion Test and they announced that at lunch they would be talking about two additional programs, once tailored for Business, The Passion Test for Business and one for kids and teens. As much as I think that is critical that our kids and teens connect with their passion early on, I was glued to the table when they explained The Passion Test for Business. And I heard the magic words: “Listen up Español” a multilingual calling center based in the US targeting the Spanish speaking market, increased their profits by more than 1 MM USD after offering non motivated people 3 months salary to quit and losing 20 people.

I always new that passion was connected to productivity but this was tangible proof that was linked to business results.

Then I started to experiment this effect with my clients.

This is what Adam Houtman, CEO of Vault Stem Cell, an Atlanta-based adult stem cell bank, has to say about the results of implementing the Passion Test for Business in his company:

“Before working on the Passion Test for Business we were struggling to establish a clear Vision, Mission and core values for the company in order to use them in our decision making process. The process has helped us solidify all the ideas into a series of clear statements that really highlight and differentiate the company. This information has been disseminated throughout the entire company and is already leading to a more exciting passionate and determined effort.
If you’re looking for a new innovative tool to bring your team together , establish a clear focused collective set of values and passions that get you and your team excited to get up in the morning, then this is for you.”

Now is your turn.

We accept too easily that work must be about hard, stressful effort. Is that really true? Of course, focus and intensity are needed to create tangible results in business, but are your focusing in the right things? Are you driven by money or fear to lose your job? Are those feelings sustainable to keep you going when the going gets taugh?

In my own experience of 18 years working in a demanding corporate environment, in the oil industry and in the energy technology industry, the work environments of certain companies are conducent to results only in the short term.They burn people out and not take full advantage of what people bring to the table, in terms of their emotions, their drive to leave a better world for their children and future generations. Esssentially they leave money on the table when it comes to getting the value that their employees bring to the company.

With The Passion Test for Business you connect with what is really important to people, to your employees and even to the company owners and senior leaders, and that might be different than what you thought. Yes, money is important, but higher in the list is : their families, to leave a legacy, to create a positive impact in the world, to know their job matters and is not lost, to feel the owners of the company or supervisors care for them as human beings, to have balance and be able to live with peace of mind, to have time to take care of their fitness and health,etc.

And once you connect with the real deep values, everything changes. It is like the lights went on and everything start to flow at a different level of performance and also harmony. Less conflicts, more decisions conducent to happy results, as my collaborator Diana Nakhenhan would say.

An example is what Peggie Pelosi did with USANA, connecting people with their desire to contribute.

Peggie Pelosi was brought in as VP of Network Development (Sales) for USANA in Salt Lake City, Utah. Peggie immediately saw that while USANA’s products were solid and the people were great, the corporate culture was hampering bottom line results. Peggie created a partnership between USANA and the Children’s Hunger Fund that reinvigorated the company. The next few years brought staggering results. Not only did company-wide contributions to the charity triple, but sales increased dramatically resulting in a 3000% increase in USANA’ share value.

If you are interested in a free talk about this topic in your company, please contact my office.

And , of course, if you want to get The Passion Test for Business implemented in your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, an E-commerce company recently acquired by Amazon for the amount of $1100 MM have this to say in his book: “Delivering happiness: a path to profits, passion and purpose”.

“If I have to start again, I would roll on core values from day one”.

When you read the book, what they did in Zappos, discovering the core values of all the employees and using them as a decision making guide, is what we do with The Passion Test for Business, with slightest variations.

The final delivery for your company is the clarity on what to focus to achieve the desired contribution that you want to do in the world, plus a resurge of passion and inspiration across all levels of the company.This passion transpires to your clients that in turn become passionate advocates of your products and services.