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(Español) Cómo liberé mis bloqueos a crear una empresa apasionada, pero sostenible económicamente

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(Español) Newsletter apasionada número 1

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Passionate Newsletter – intro

Passionate Newsletter

I am delighted to be writing the introductory number of the “Passionate Newsletter” with the intention to bring inspiration and personal development resources each month to many people, reaching one million English speakers by 6th June 2014.

My intention is to help you, my readers, to create your most passionate life, doing what you love, what allows you to be “in your energy”. Furthermore, I want to help you to create a living, with grace and ease, out of that which you love.

You will be receiving the next newsletter shortly at the end of August, and then the following ones at the end of each month.

Discovery of June

The last week of May I went to a Joe Dispenza’s workshop in Madrid. That got me focused even more in the concept of creating my reality through my thoughts, my beliefs and my level of energy.

Tip of the month

In any activity that you intend to create, you will attract or repel the completion of your objectives.
I use the energy scale that is explained by Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book: “Ask and it is given”.
When you go from the lower tip of the scale where you feel doubt/fear/shame/insecurity to the higher levels where you feel love/gratitude/joy/passion, you will notice that the objectives that you have intended, gets attracted to you easily and gracefully.
Some of my coaching clients were “shocked” when I told them that gratitude could be “exercised”. They thought that you only feel grateful when something great happens to you. So I suggest for all of you and easy gratitude exercise that you can do every day. Remember wonderful reasons to be grateful and immerse yourself in a feeling of gratitude for only 10 min a day. You will see how your results change dramatically!

Recommended books of summer


Breaking the habit of being yourself-Joe Dispenza
Sincrodestiny- Deepak Chopra
The Power- Rhonda Byrne

Remember, you are a creator not a victim! Exercise your powers of creation!

With love and gratitude:


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What riding a bicycle has to do with creating a passionate business that generates wealth?

What riding a bicycle has to do with creating a passionate business that generates wealth?

Friday 23rd August was a special day for me, a day to celebrate. I did my first bicycle trip: 15 km, in the middle of beautiful nature, forest and small villages in the East of the Netherlands.
I was really scared. But I did it and the feeling of euphoria was unbelievable.

And yesterday 24th August, I rode for the second day, another 30 km journey. Afterwards I had a total feeling of achievement and confidence.

May be I am a little weird. It is not scary of me to speak in front of 500 people, but riding a bicycle, for me, until recently, meant total panic.

It became the best definition of stepping our of my comfort zone, which is different for each person.

I didn’t learn it when I was a child. In 2010 I took some classes and managed to ride the bicycle for a while. This year 2013 I have taken a special course for adults for two weekends and came out cycling.

As we know, the Universe has a sense of humor, so my husband is Dutch, and he has created the perfect circumstances for me to do a long bicycle trip and to overcome my fear.

Celebrando mi primer viaje en bicicleta (30 km)

Celebrando mi primer viaje en bicicleta (30 km)

Celebrando mi segundo viaje en bicicleta (otros 30 km)

Celebrando mi segundo viaje en bicicleta (otros 30 km)

What does this have to do with you and the passionate business that you want to create/are creating?

Both days, as I was riding, I was taking life lessons that I want to share with you.
They are the following:

Get a coach, expert on that which you are trying to create. You want a coach that will push you through your self-imposed limitations; who will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. (My cycling coach was in this case my husband. First he put me in this situation of cycling 15 km, where it was very difficult for me to turn back. He gave me tips for keeping calm when another bike would approach me. He bought a pump in case we would need it. He gave me advice in little things like when you change gears. And above all ,he trusted implicitly that I was able to do it.)

Carve a project out of your vision and start with the first step. (My vision is to go cycling on Sundays with a cycling club and ride minimum 100 km each week but I had to start somewhere). Focus in this project with exclusion of everything else. Give it a definite beginning and end, name your project and stop thinking about what comes next. Think only in the project at hand. When you finish this project, you will be more prepared for the next step. You would have gained strength and confidence.

Refuse to focus on what the competition is doing and compare yourself with them. I am not saying don’t do your research. Just don’t focus on them. You have your own comfort zone, completely different that theirs. Perhaps what you have already mastered, they are a beginner at, and vice versa. (That was a huge lesson for me, when I focused on a man that approached me in his bike. I focused, I focused, and I crashed into him and we both fell. From that point onwards I never crashed with anyone else. My coach/husband told me: when someone approaches you, look down at your right hand side and speed up. It works perfectly!). Where do you have to focus on your own path and speed up your own actions when you see other competitors out there?

Continue pedaling (taking actions), one step after the next, a pedaling after the next. If you are creating your own company: implement, implement, implement. Stay on the road, continue in your route. I know that you are sometimes tired, sometimes scared, that obstacles come up. Your legs and other parts hurt. But if you stay on the path, and you don’t turn back, you will arrive to your destination. You will finish the project that you have carved out for yourself.

If you are about to crash: use the break! That was a huge discovery for me, my second day cycling. The first day I fell three times, and there were always curves I had to enter in a narrower area and then change direction. I could see I was going to crash but I would not do anything and at the end I crashed. The second day I rediscovered the break! When I didn’t feel comfortable, I will hold the break strongly and that gave me a feeling of control to take the curve safely. In your personal or professional life, how many times you have the feeling that something is going wrong? Your stomach tells you. Your intuition guides you. Stop and reflect. Say the magic word: NO or “I need more time”. It could be a great discovery. You don’t need to say YES to everything to that is offered to you. You have the right to stop and reboot. Even to make an U-turn if something is not good for you anymore. Did you study engineering and now want to start a fashion business? Or a dancing studio? Or a writing career? Reboot, put the break, say NO and take the rest of your live with control and confidence. Be the owner of your decisions, the creator of your circumstances.

Celebrate your achievements! Be grateful to Life for every little achievement, person and circumstance that has been put in your way so you could create that magic today. The celebration will anchor your progress and help you to continue implementing.

If you want expert help in creating a passionate business that would fill you up with joy and satisfaction, and will allow you to feel the euphoria of passionate creation while you contribute to others and create wealth, contact me at mdorado@livefromyourpassion. I can help you, being the coach that believes in you, even more that you believe in yourself. I am the coach that has already made that transition, from feeling trapped in jobs that no longer provided me satisfaction and purpose, to living every day immersing in passionate creation of my new joyful business. Every day I live now creating, being of service, adding value to my clients and generating wealth, no matter the state of the economy.

Why most core values and mission statements are completely ignored by the employees?

I could not sleep thinking about various things of my business, and I decided to write a potential client from the United States.

We have been discussing the program that I use to improve business performance, called, The Passion Test for Business (PT4B) and he has sent me his Culture Book.

It surprised me how beautifully was written, the words, but also the gorgeous graphical design.

The final result of the process, created by the Marketing Manager in conjunction with the leaders, was almost a work of art. It even looked very similar to a potential document that could be the outcome of the PT4B process, for the Leadership Consulting piece.

I loved the result and I was wondering, how The Passion Test for Business could add to these wonderful set of values.

And then just hit me, the difference was that most values for companies were “engineered” and then the leaders “tried” to live by then, and “tried” to get the employees to live by them through employee meetings, posters on the walls, and even e-learning systems that posted these values.

I have news for you…it doesn´t work.

From my own corporate experience, in small software firms of 30 employees and in giant corporations of 50,000 employees I have seen it. It just does not work that way. I have experienced it in my own working life and that of my colleagues.

If you are not sure, just go around and ask your employees. Can they tell you the company´s values by heart, like are their own values? More importantly, what words come to mind for your clients about you?

So when I went to the PT4B Certification Training, I was eager to find out what was different in what seemed a new way of coming up with the core values, more influenced by the personal development gurus that from the business gurus. How personal development interfaced with business?

And then I got it! And after reading Tony Hsieh’s book about Zappos process, (“Discovering happiness: a path to profits, passion and purpose”) which is very similar to the PT4B, I got reconfirmation of my breakthrough.

The core values, the PT4B way, are not something that you come up with, the most beautiful, the most appropriate for the market, to create an impact in the market, in the employees. It is not even who you want to be.

The Company Passions, in the PT4B philosophy are DISCOVERED!

WOW! That is so different!

Fortunately for me, my client had done the Passion test process for individuals, the one that helps you to discover the 5 Top things that matter most to you in life, your Top 5 Passions.

And in the beginning of this process, he told me 10 things that the thought would need to be there for his ideal life.

But when I asked him some questions, strategically prepared to get him out of his head and to his heart, he discovered that some of things he thought initially were really important, were not so much after all.

And I reminded him few things about his new list:
Did this list feel more real to you? You told me so.
Were you able to put more energy into the 5 things in this list, now that you were clear? You told me so.
Do you feel like you have been able to focus more and create faster results from things in this list? You have been giving me examples of this being the case in the last few months.

So, how do I connect the Passion Test for your ideal life with The Passion Test for Business?

Your Company Values, when engineered, are not taken directly from the source: the leader´s heart, as they would be, if we would use a process as inquisitive and deep as The Passion Test, that allow you to go from your mind to your heart.

What could be the danger? That coming from the head, the energy that you and the rest of the leaders communicate to your employees and even clients, is not as powerful, as when these company passions are discovered, prioritized, so everyone can be heart-connected.

And then imagine that we do the Passion Test for work to your employees and ask them, and discover, what is important to them, what really drives them!
And connect that with your real, heart-felt Company passions, in a ceremony in which you tell them what those passions really mean to you!
WOW! Imagine when they discover that what is really important to you as a leader (and they will feel it, big time, when you read it to them, those passions from the heart), is actually in their list as a person, as a worker! A nuclear reaction is the only comparison possible for the energy that is going to be liberated in your employees, in the company!
And that energy, my friend, you can take it to the bank, is real money! It is employee engagement; it is client attraction because your clients will feel it too!
So, this process is tied up to real results that can be measured, in terms of increased income and profits, along with more satisfied employees, partners and clients and more satisfying working environments.
This is the message that I would love for you to take to your Marketing Manager and rest of your leaders, I told my friend in the US.
And that is my message for you too.
What do you think? I would love to have your thoughts.

(Español) El modelo cuántico de la realidad y como puedes ser el creador de tu vida

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(Español) Una bocanada de aire fresco, desde Argentina

No se ni cómo apareció, un Coach argentino, por Facebook, Carlos Alberto Murua. Sólo dijo que le había interesado el trabajo que yo hacía y las cosas que presentaba en mi página de Facebook, Livefromyourpassion, y que le gustaría contactar conmigo desde Buenos Aires. Me adjuntaba un video. Yo creo que era fin de semana y no tenía mucho tiempo. Pero al final vi el video y me quedé un poco alucinada, porque tenía una sincronía impresionante con lo que yo hago.
Era sobre un vendedor de sueños, y en este contexto, vender un sueño significaba que una persona se atrevía a soñar en algún proyecto o pasión que llevaba esperando muchos años para realizar, y que quizás ya tenía olvidado.
Aqui va el enlace del video:

Me recordaba al trabajo que yo hago con el Passion Test. Ayudar a las personas a reconectar con su pasión, y empezar otra vez, desde donde estén.

Y me recordaba a mi propia historia. Antes de estudiar química, ingeniería petrolera, etc, yo simplemente adoraba ayudar a las personas con los problemas de su vida, hablar, escuchar, aconsejar, acompañar. Ahora me he reconectado con mi pasión, soy coach, ayudo, conecto, acompaño.

Nos costó varios emails, invitaciones por Skype, mensajes por Skype, hasta que al final conectamos a las 4 PM de Madrid, 11 AM de Buenos Aires.

Carlos Alberto es muy natural, y la conexión fué instantánea. En menos de un minuto nos estamos contando nuestra vida con toda naturalidad, como si fuéramos hermanos.

Y entonces me contó una historia que quedará grabada en mi corazón para siempre y que me gustaría compartir.

Dentro de sus actividades de coach, y ayudar a las personas a reconectar con su pasión, se encontró una vez en un grupo de coaching a una mujer de 78 años. Había perdido a su marido y a dos hijos. Los hijos habían muerto en la confrontación de Argentina con Gran Bretaña por las islas de las Malvinas.

Un día habló Carlos Alberto con ella, y ella dijo que no quería vivir. Le gustaba ir al grupo, pero en realidad no quería vivir, estaba sólo esperando su hora.

Carlos le preguntó, ¿que te gustaba de pequeña? Lo único en lo que la mujer podía pensar, es que le gustaba contar cuentos a sus hijos y lo disfrutaba

Carlos le pidió que trajera unos cuentos a la siguiente reunión y los leyera al grupo.

La mujer lo hizo, y todos disfrutaron de su lectura. Algo había cambiado en su mirada. Sus ojos brillaban emocionados leyendo esos cuentos al grupo.

Resultó que esta mujer no sólo era lectora: era escritora!! Del cajón salieron también muchos cuentos cortos que ella había escrito y había guardado.

Carlos se atrevió a ir mas allá. A través de su relación con un hospital de niños, la puso en contacto con una planta entera de niños que estaban sometidos a quimioterapia, y allí empezó la aventura: la mujer, sus cuentos, los niños, su pasión, sus ojos brillando… nada volvió a ser igual. Esta mujer volvió a nacer y los últimos años de su vida los pasó felices, contribuyendo, escribiendo, leyendo, rodeada de niños, dando y recibiendo amor.

¿Cual es tu historia?

Ahora Carlos Alberto y yo vamos a colaborar.Vamos a tender un puente entre Argentina y España para devolver muchos sueños a sus dueños..

Manifesting your desires

This was a video that changed a lot internally. It gave a boost to my strong feeling that I can manifest my life once I aligned energetically with an abundant Universe. All this seems too abstract at first, until you start noticing and feeling how your fear literally blocks everything that you had happening for you.It simply stops the flow. You can experience for yourself, once you stop fearing, the flow of events that support your desires start to occur again.
I recommend this video because this abstract concepts are very well explained.
Learn to manifest your ideal life and things will be much easier in your life that your old hard effort-based existence.

(Español) En el evento de Harv T. Eker en Madrid : “los secretos de la mente millonaria”

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Please God, get me out of my own way

I love Lisa Nichols when she says: “My prayer is God, let me get out of my own way”.
That sentence impacted me profoundly. Because I realized that I have been getting in the way of my mission. Worrying about whether I was prepared enough, whether I was going to be judged or ridiculed by my peers, even worried for not having the right image for the stage. In the mean time Lisa, on the stage, totally overweight, was changing lives.
In the mean time, the people that needed to hear my voice, that could be healed only by me and my unique perspective were alone in their desperation.
No! I took a step and now there is no way back.This is not negotiable as Lisa Nichols say.
I am taking steps towards my mission whether my ego wants it or not!!

Tomorrow is my first public event in Madrid and I am soooo excited to have been given this opportunity to contribute!!

With Love and gratitude