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If you have a big enough WHY anything is possible

There has been a lot of talk in the last decades on the fact that we use only a fraction of the brain potential.
I would say that we use a fraction of the HUMAN potential, brain and everything else.
But you would say, how is that possible? I am already “maxed out”, between my professional time and my personal time. Where do I get more time from?
And then you remember a time when you did so much more. Why was that? Invariably the answer is that at the time you had a big, very big WHY, a big reason to do it.
I am going to illustrate the point with the story of my hero of the week, Edith.
Edith is a Nigerian woman that stands patiently every day at the door of the local supermarket, waiting for people to give her few coins in their way in or out. Which they do. People talk to her and give her money. She is cheerful, always smiling. But that doesn’t hide the fact that a young woman, perhaps 35, at the age in which I was being a business woman, traveling all over the world having interesting jobs, is every single day begging for money at a supermarket door. She goes to the bathroom at a local restaurant. She is there from 10 AM to 9 PM.
Yesterday I went to that supermarket to buy something and in my way out I heard her singing. She was singing a beautiful African song.
I said: “You are singing”. I speak to her in English and even when she speaks some Spanish here in Madrid, she opens up to me more than to other people and we have conversations in English.
“Yes, I am singing. After 11 years I just received my papers”.
I told her that I was happy for her and I stayed there to hear the story that she wanted to tell me.
She told me that for 4 years she has stood at the supermarket. 11 years ago she arrived in Spain illegally, by boat, like many illegal emigrants, to the Canary islands. She made her way to Madrid and she waited patiently for her papers. Now these “papers”, basically, who make her a legal resident in Spain, will allow her to go to see her family, her mother and 2 children that are now 20 and 21 back in Africa. Imagine, they were 9 and 10 when she left, her two daughters!!
Can you imagine to miss your children teen years, leave them behind when they are children and come back to see them when they are 20 and 21?
I asked her: but Edith, is it worthy for you to be here in Spain? Why don’t you find work in Nigeria?
She said to me that every month she sends 40 or 50 Euros to her family, that she can save after she pays her food and 200 euros for a rented bedroom where she lives.
With those 40 or 50 Euros, her mother can survive, after her father died, and her two daughters had gone to school and now they are going to enter University!!
And she smiles and smiles because she is so proud of her daughters!!!
That is what I call a big big WHY!!!
For many of us, we don’t have those huge motivators. We are privileged. We will not have to be at a supermarket door begging ever in our lifetime!
So, where is our big WHY?

Then I will borrow from Lisa Nichols, when she says: “God, please get me out of my own way, everyday, so I can serve mankind, I can do the mission that I came here to do without worrying by my ego, worrying whether I am good enough, I will be ridiculed, I will be humiliated on stage, or in front of a customer that doesn’t want my services”. She says: ” You have to assume that there is a young boy, a teenage girl, a woman, or a man, that was waiting for your words, your service, your product, your message, and that because you took a stand, you took a step, that person is going to feel that he or she is not alone and will be able to go on when all hope was lost”.

And that is the big WHY for many of us! We have been given so many resources, so many opportunities and big gifts and talents on things that we can do. But sometimes we spend our days worrying about competitors, about not being good enough, about whether we can truly deserve to have the business that we feel inside that we can create.

It’s not about us!! God, let me remember, every day, that I have been given so much, and is not about me anymore. The big WHY, is that I have been given the desire, I have been given the inspiration, the ideas, the contacts, the resources, the intelligence, the education, the money, the connections and now someone else is there waiting for my outcome, my example, my service, my mentorship, my coaching, my wise words, my compassionate words!

So, remember, connect with that big WHY and as Jen Hannah says in her wonderful song, everything is possible!! (Minute 2:28)

What’s your dream that sometimes seems impossible?
Let the voices fade that tell you is improbable
And hold on to what you love
Hold on to what you dream of
and you will be unstoppable

Anything is possible x4

What’s your dream that sometimes seems illogical
When you try and fall your dream might feel intangible
and chill out, try again
stand up and carry on
and your dream will become visible

Anything is possible x4

Love and gratitude

(Español) Como el cerebro normaliza el dolor hasta que ya no lo sientes..

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(Español) La pasión por tu vida es más importante que el dinero:Passion is the new money.

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The path to happiness

Today I heard again another Tony Robbins audio, from the series “Lessons in Mastery”.
This was an audio, that, strangely, I had not heard before, and that magically appeared at the right time. It was about focusing on achieving happiness as the ultimate goal of life.
It offered 8 routes to happiness. Many of those I had already heard, but today, they reached me deeper and they produced a higher impact on me.
One of the “routes” he mentioned was “being a perceiver instead of a judger”.
How appropriate! How many times I have rushed to assign meaning to something that has just happened, without being open, even for just 1 day, 1 hour, to the wider possibilities, to what else this could be meaning.
Just yesterday I did such thing: I reacted. And it made my life miserable for the whole day. I judged the situation right away and at the end of the day I was wrong.
Also, I notice that when I focus on perceiving, on being “the observer” I am more in touch with my core being, which is , at heart, the observer. All the reactions are the emotions of my minds, those mini movies that my ego creates, that in most cases are not aligned with my Higher Being and my Higher purpose.

When I meditate, I observe my thoughts and the feelings that those thoughts produce. I notice how by observing then, they go away like clouds pushed by a gentle wind. And then my shiny core shows up, bright and pure, and talks to me of unlimited energy and unlimited possibilities, away from the chatter of the mind that keeps reacting and distracting me.

Today, I will meditate again. I will focus again on being “the observer, not the judger” and with that, I will let the happiness of my core being shine through and inundate me with the joy that belongs to me as my birth right.

Love and Gratitude


Attracting Perfect Customers

Sometimes I buy books following my intuition and then I don’t open them for a couple of months. And just when I am facing a dilemma, or I have something that bothers me, I ask myself what resource could help me. And the right book appears.
In this case it was: “Attracting perfect customers” from Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez.

First of all I was fascinated that the book came at the right moment, and with the right words for me to calm my anxiety and return me to my energy.

Then the content really fascinated me.

It made the case of really defining our perfect customers and then attracting them!!

In this new Marketing based on strategic attraction and strategic syncronicity, there is no need for discounts or bargains, because your perfect customers adore the work that only you can do for them, and the special way in which you can only serve them.
You will charge them a fair price that represents the value that you are providing and they will be happy, even thankful, to pay it.

In this new Marketing world you don’t go around trying to “persuade” clients that don’t get who you are or the value that you bring to the world. Your perfect customers are totally in your energy frecuency, totally “get you” and futhermore, they were waiting for someone like you.

Throw to the window the anxiety and concentrate in being the best at what only you can bring to the world.

Define and describe the perfect customer for you, and you will attract it!

I love this new way of doing Marketing, and after 18 years pushing and persuading and trying not to lose any potential client even if he wasn’t a perfect fit, this makes much more sense.

In my new business world, I work with wonderful clients that adore me and my products and services and I adore them.

I love this new professional life, I am already enjoying it and I intend to develop it to its full extent!

Love and Gratitude


(Español) Reconecta con tu auténtico yo

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

Be who you are totally;don’t assume you can’t be

It has taken me two months to come back to this blog, and I was wondering why that was. The usual excuse was that I am a procrastinator, but I am getting quite tired of that lie, because I know it’s not true. I don’t procrastinate, there is simply a deep reason why I don’t do something that I say I want to do. Now I am on a mission to go deeper, find the reason and cure it so I can go on with my dreams, goals and projects.

The answer came to me yesterday unexpectedly. I realized that I was hiding.I was afraid to write in this blog, because I was afraid of showing my truth.Even when I have written before , in previous posts, in quite an open manner, I was afraid to take the next step. Because now I need to fo further in expressing myself and be true to who I am. And that was scary.

But why was it scary? The reason is simple, scared of not being understood, of being judged.

One example was yesterday.I was reading a book in the plane, “Syncrodestiny” from Deepak Chopra. My husband was by my side and he saw me reading so enthusiastically and highlighting sentences. He looked at me and just asked: What? I said: “well, just a very metaphysical, complex book”.He said: “well, it could be complex for you and may be somebody else finds it simple”. Then I thought: What??? I just lied through my teeth! I don’t find this book complex at all. For me the words in this book completely make sense and I feel calmed and comforted by the information in that book. Furthermore, I adore this book and I am already adopting this text as my fundamental life philosophy.

So, I told my husband: “dear, let me rephrase what I told you before. This is a wonderful book about spirituality that I found fascinating”. WOW!! That felt good. That was my truth.

Why do I felt like I have to lie and not be myself? Again, that attempt to please the masses, to find the common ground. The average person will not read a book that combines spiriuality with quantum physics. But my husband is not average.My friends are not average.My tribe is not average. In fact, nobody is average. Everyone is an unique human being and they might not like books on spirituality but you have the right to be who you are and express yourself and your truth.

In fact, I am going to argue, and finish the blog with this, for your business, as you attract your perfect customer, your perfect audience, if you don’t project your authentic voice, you will miss your true audience, the one destined for you only, the one that will love your work, and will gladly pay for your services.

So, enough said. Now,my challenge is to be more myself in everything that I do,and I will do that in my blogs. So you will be seeing new content in the days and months to come that will express my most authentic voice.

Love and Gratitude


Syncronicity or the power to create your life

Have you heard of syncronicities? This is a term that is becoming very popular with the success of the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and “Ask and you will be given” by Abraham and Esther Hicks,etc.

I have come to understand it as the power to attract what you want to create in your life. That power gets magnified when you are “in your energy” or in your bliss. Being “in your energy” is a state of euphoria in which you feel loving towards everything and everybody. You feel connected with God/The Divine/The Universe.

But, how do you get there? There are several ways.If you are completely alone somewhere, like in an airport waiting for your delayed plane to leave, the best way is through gratitude. Gratitude, when exercised, can bring you fast to a very high level of connection.

If you are with people, my favorite way is through giving your gifts to these people with all your love. Whatever your gift is: talking, listening, singing, hugging or just being present, when you give them with total intensity to the people you are with, or simply loving them quietly in your heart, you reach very quickly that state of connection.

And then, things start to manifest as you move towards the direction of your desires.

In the Passion Test ™ world, this is called the Passion Test Formula and it is defined in 3 steps:



No tension

I will explain this in detail in another post.

Love and Gratitude


Choosing in favour of your passions

All my life I have been a very pragmatical person, and that is my nice way of saying I was choosing against my heart and my passions all the time. I thought I had to.And meanwhile life was showing me that those decisions that were based on my heart´s desires were always the ones taking me to wonderful lasting gifts in my life.

Many years have had to pass for me to realize this and a lot of tears and heart break. My heart was about to give up but it was screaming for attention.

Then I discovered the Passion Test family ( I came to a Passion Test event to become a Passion Test facilitator.They showed me how to go into my heart, not my head and listen to what my heart was saying.At first my heart was surprised.My heart was looking to me with puppy eyes telling me how he has almost given up getting me to listen to him.

But I went there again and again during 4 days of intensive practice in the Passion Test Certification Course.And I got better at it. It is not that I created a habit yet (it takes at least 21 days and a lot of courage) but I became better at it.

And then the last night of the course I was awake at night struggling with a choice.And then the words of the passion test secret formula came to me: Choose in favor of your passions!

And the answer was clear, and it felt good and my heart was at peace and I was at peace and everything was well!

But what are your passions? How can you do this process of finding your passions and going to your heart and choosing in favor of your passion??

I will show you how to do it step by step, with text, with audio, with video.You are not alone.Now that you found me, I will help you live a more joyful and passionate life!
With love and gratitude:


The Fiji effect or how living your passion gives you energy

I have a fantastic story that I would like to share with you, to help yo understand how I found my passion and perhaps helping you to relate.

Since I was a little girl one of my dreams was travelling around the world. The story of Willy Fox going around the world in 80 days and recovering a whole day at the end as he crossed the international line always intrigued me and captured my imagination. So when I had an opportunity to go to Fiji from Madrid I jumped in. It was expensive, not convenient for my corporate job or my family, but something attracted me very strongly to that experience. I didn´t even recognize at the time that was a childhood dream, isn´t that amazing? I recognized that later.

So the day came and I was so tired. I had not slept much throughout the night as my 4 years old daughter kept waking me up and I had not finished all my packing and preparation so I woke up early and I was stressed until the last minute.

But then I said my good byes and took off. My heart was pounding with excitement but also broken hearted to live my family behind again.

Then I started my traveling. And I was so excited, because this was a challenge. I was going to take 4 planes and travel for 2 days. Then I will lose 1 day due to the crossing of the international line, so I would arrive 3 days later to my destination. And so I did, with very little sleep, from Madrid to London, London to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Nadi, and then, after 5 hours delay, to Savu Savu.

But when I got there I felt so energized! I was with my tribe again. I was going to a Tony Robbins event called Business Mastery, and there were 150 crazy people from all over the world that have made it to Fiji, paid an expensive event, flight and accommodation, to drink from the fountain of the best transformational coach alive, Tony Robbins.To learn how to take their businesses and lives to a whole new level.To meet their tribe.

And when I arrived there, they had our name tags prepared and they asked us if we would sign up for hiking activities in the morning, learning deep diving or massages in the spa of the wonderful hotel resort called Namale, that Tony Robbins designed and built from scratch in Fiji.

I went into what I call now “mi Fiji energy” and after 50 hours or so traveling I signed for EVERYTHING that was available…;)

During the next 4 days, I dived, I went full on for the event, I made friends for life, I chatted with my room mate until 2 AM even day, I woke up at 6 AM every morning for the hiking, or the diving or running,etc.

And then the event ended and I travelled another 50 hours back to Spain.

But I had committed to my husband that I would join him in the south of Spain, in Villamanrique, province of Sevilla, for our annual pilgrimage to the Rocio village. I had missed two days of our annual tradition so I could not let him down. I got there directly from Fiji, I had dinner, I went to sleep 6 hours, and the next day I woke up at 7 AM and we got ready for the last leg of the pilgrimage, 20 km walling over the soft sands of the Doñana Natural Park.

But I did it! And we celebrated!!

Where did that unlimited energy come from?

From my passion and my purpose!! As Steve Chandler says in his Life Coaching connection book, “purpose gives you energy”. Passion for meeting with inspirational leaders around the world, passion for traveling, for being in wonderful nature, and passion for my husband, so I could do with him the thing he loves, this annual pilgrimage to Rocio.

What happened the next time I found myself in another situation, doing something that I didn´t feel passionate for and saying “I was tired”????

I got it!! I just finally got the distinction!!

I felt what passion is like, the energy that gives you, the freedom, the clarity, the lightness. And I don´t want to let that feeling go again!

But you don´t need to go to Fiji to have “The Fiji effect”. You can have it anywhere, in your hometown, where you live, if you give yourself permission to live your passion!!

But what is your passion??? I will help you find it with The Passion Test ( In few days I will be introducing you to the Passion Test and then we will do it together! You don´t have to do this alone! I will be with you every step of the way, as you transition to a life of joy and passion!

Love and gratitude