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My Story

So, do you want to know my story? Who am I? I keep changing and evolving but there is one thing that is constant: since I was a very little child, perhaps 3 years old, I loved to make friends, and also, connect these friends with each other and create a group. My mother told me that I used to do that in the playground when I was 3. I would go table by table in a restaurant and ask politely to the children´s parents if their kids could play with me. The parents would say yes, and I would take the child by the hand with me.Soon I have a group of 6 or 7 kids and we start to play.

That is still what I do now at 44. I connect people, I am a connector. That comes to me as easy as breathing, it´s effortless.

But I also discover that I can help people to connect with the truth about who they really are, the truth about their light and brilliance. And that is really the passion and joy of my life.

I wish for you to find your joy and passion in life, and truly see your light like I see mine now (although not at all times..;).

With Love and gratitude