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Passionate Newsletter – intro

Passionate Newsletter

I am delighted to be writing the introductory number of the “Passionate Newsletter” with the intention to bring inspiration and personal development resources each month to many people, reaching one million English speakers by 6th June 2014.

My intention is to help you, my readers, to create your most passionate life, doing what you love, what allows you to be “in your energy”. Furthermore, I want to help you to create a living, with grace and ease, out of that which you love.

You will be receiving the next newsletter shortly at the end of August, and then the following ones at the end of each month.

Discovery of June

The last week of May I went to a Joe Dispenza’s workshop in Madrid. That got me focused even more in the concept of creating my reality through my thoughts, my beliefs and my level of energy.

Tip of the month

In any activity that you intend to create, you will attract or repel the completion of your objectives.
I use the energy scale that is explained by Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book: “Ask and it is given”.
When you go from the lower tip of the scale where you feel doubt/fear/shame/insecurity to the higher levels where you feel love/gratitude/joy/passion, you will notice that the objectives that you have intended, gets attracted to you easily and gracefully.
Some of my coaching clients were “shocked” when I told them that gratitude could be “exercised”. They thought that you only feel grateful when something great happens to you. So I suggest for all of you and easy gratitude exercise that you can do every day. Remember wonderful reasons to be grateful and immerse yourself in a feeling of gratitude for only 10 min a day. You will see how your results change dramatically!

Recommended books of summer


Breaking the habit of being yourself-Joe Dispenza
Sincrodestiny- Deepak Chopra
The Power- Rhonda Byrne

Remember, you are a creator not a victim! Exercise your powers of creation!

With love and gratitude:


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