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Passionate Tribe 2

The second Passion Tribe meeting in Madrid on 20th February rocked the energy through the roof

The second meeting of The Passionate Tribe was 10th March, in the Hotel Muralto in Madrid from 7 to 10 PM.
It was an explosion of energy in which 23 entrepreneurs were sharing our dreams and talking about our passionate projects.
I am Marinma Dorado and the organizer of this meeting of the Passionate Tribe every month in Madrid, within my project, Livefromyourpassion, a global community of people that want to live with more passion.

People that have joined this tribe, and continue joining, came from all points of Madrid first, later on from different parts of Spain and now , with the recent opening in Meetup, people that live in LatinAmerica, France and the US have joined.

There are not strict requisits because in in this tribe we know that even passion can be in different stages: passion that can be guessed but that have not yet been fully uncovered, passion that is clarified and have started to develop and passion in full process of expansion.
In many cases, this passion implies that the “passionated person” has a business project that is creating and that 99% of the time is based on contribution to the world.
In other cases, the passion that is uncovered is to live a vibrant health-based life, to have wonderful relationships with our partners, children, work colleagues or even a passion to feel connected all the time with Spirit, the Universe, the Universal Love or whatever name you give to your spiritual connection.
In this second meeting all the passionate tribe, we were all entrepreneurs with a business project, that is why I invited Diego Ruiz and Nuria Sierra from to help us with web positioning and storytelling.
I attach a picture that represents the impressive energy that we experienced that afternoon…