5 Weeks to Perfect Clients
-Turn disappointments into Money in your Business-

5 Weeks Course designed to get you out of struggle and in into
the new world of effortless business in the 21st century.

“I only work with clients who inspire and energize me”

Does that sentence represent your business? Or do you feel that you have to “put up” with prospects and clients that you don’t enjoy because “you have no choice”?

How would your quality of life increase, and your profitability, if you could ONLY work with clients that love what you do, were waiting for your products and services, refer you to large networks of other perfect clients and pay your price happily?

A pipe dream? If you think that, are not open to the new possibilities emerging, this 5 weeks course is not for you.

I found out about the Strategic Attraction Plan, SAPTM created by the wonderful Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman from www.perfectcustomers.com first in a book called “Attracting perfect customers”. It resonated with me right away.

1 year and a half later I became a Certified Facilitator of the SAPTM method so I could use it for myself and my clients.

Now I am using it for me every day and attracting the most wonderful clients ever and in a way that is perfect for me, compatible with how and where I want to work.

My 18 years business development career in the oil industry had moments where I did feel that customers truly needed what I was offering. Other times selling seemed a struggle. It was too much pushing, chasing and even manipulating.

Did you ever think, “it should not be so difficult”, “I wish there was an easier way?” This is an answer to your prayers.

For 5 weeks, I will hear your business complaints, your recent and past struggles, and I will help you create an Strategic Attraction Plan for your current business, that will extract the juice of those complaints, turning them into money.

Why money? Because those disappointments are only information. And when you realise that, you will change your actions, and those actions will lead to different results, more profitable results, a.k.a. money.

The cost of this course is 295 USD.

You will get 5 Live Coaching calls, 90 min each, in which I will coach you based on each of the 5 parts of the Strategic Attraction Plan.

All the calls are at 3 PM EST United States. The dates are 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th December and 6th January 2015.
You will receive all the recordings of the calls in mp3 format.
You will start 2015 energized with a new plan that brings only what is perfect for you!

There are 5 parts to this method, and they are all so juicy that it seems like each of them could on its own change your business.

Part 1: Describe your perfect customers (or perfect employees, business partners, candidates, etc.)

Identifying what is perfect for you and writing it down is a little bit trickier that it seems. That is why I will help you LIVE with my fun and insightful coaching style.

Why? Because adapting to the opportunities that come our way, perfect or not, is a habit of a lifetime.

Let me help you dig deep and identify what is really perfect for you. Let me help you to let your imagination fly and create what is perfect for you. Dream bigger that you ever thought possible. And then watch it become a reality.

Part 2: What make you (and your perfect customer) TICK?

Passion, drive, your big WHY. Those are very common words these days here in business. But have you ever thought that your Passion would impact your brand? That by infusing your brand with what is really important to you, you will be attracting those that Tick to the same Tick?

Let me help you discover that which is even more important than money to you; discover that which will carry you and will make you go for it over and over.

When you discover that, you could live more intentionally from your TICK.

You will become so energetic and passionate that will be a magnet for those with the same TICK: your perfect customers!

Part 3: I want my perfect customer to expect from me that...and that when this happen, I do....

I always have a lot of fun with this part of the Plan.

My clients are very open people, so are always ready to play “full out” even if something shocks them. But when I tell them that THEY get to decide what their perfect customer will expect from them....ha, ha, I love to see their faces!!

But after the initial shock they recover and start playing a different game in business that they have played their whole life.

Enough about “adapting” to what you THINK that your customer expects from you. Do you even know it what they think? You are just guessing!

Why not determining better how YOU want to experience your business and then turn that into a statement of what your perfect customer expects from you?

That will free you up to be yourself. And, in fact, in turns out to be truly what your perfect customers expect from you.

For example my perfect customer expects me to be truth telling without sugarcoating, but fun and playful.

That is what I want to be, actually, more and more. And when I am in that space of authenticity, my perfect customer shows us, and loves it!!

Let me help you decide how you want to conduct your business and turn that into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We go further with Part 3, when we even decide in advance what our perfect customer expects that I do when I get disappointed or upset.

My perfect customer wants me to use my personal development tools to turn around those disappointments, so I go back to a passionate state, and I can keep dreaming big. Because otherwise, I linger too long in a low energy and I might miss them when they show up in my experience. Or they might encounter me all upset and with low energy. They might encounter me when I have forgotten my purpose. And I will not be able to help them..

Let me help you to complete this Part 3 for you...

Part 4: Who do I need to BE in order to get what I want?

If you made it here you know this is not a traditional business plan.

We will get to Actions, because we are in business and that is what we do, to take action. But before, we need to adjust our “Being”.

What is that? I know this is abstract, but bear with me.

You are not the same person when you are with your parents or children playing “family person” that when you are in front of an audience of 500 delivering your best speech, right?

You exercise different “beings”.

Here we will come back again to: what do you really want? Let´s focus on a specific thing or project that you have now in mind.

And I will ask you: “Who do you really need to BE in order to get that which you say you want?”

This part of the plan is very powerful.

You can shift your “being” in an instant, and ironically, your will find as you create more SAPTM plans for different things, that each shifting of your Being will take you more and more into who you really are.

For me, realizing that I needed to shift my Being to a more assertive, confident one was a shock.

But since them, I am speaking out about the wonderful tools that I have and how I am amazing at helping people to attract perfect customers, and my results are better than ever. And I have more fun than ever...:)

Part 5: Attractive Actions

Finally, the part that you all overachievers were waiting for: Taking Action!!

But now we are going to take “attractive Actions”.

I love these types of Actions, because produce maximum output for minimum effort (compared with struggling for months to achieve minimum results).

How do we do that?

We will filter all our actions through the 4 parts before.

We will take action that is consistent with what is perfect for us (that might include saying no to what is not perfect), consistent with our TICK, with deciding how we want to conduct business in Part 3, and with shifting our Being the way we realise we need to do it.

And you will be shocked by how fast these actions will produce results.

These are actions that go straight to the heart of the matter. And produce the amazing impact that you want to produce in the world.

The cost of this course is 295 USD.

You will get 5 Live Coaching calls, 90 min each, in which I will coach you based on each of the 5 parts of the Strategic Attraction Plan.

The outcome will be an effortless business in which your customers inspire and energise you, and your business is perfect for you in every way.

And you will receive my powerful Coaching with plenty of “aha moments” that will make you operate from a much more powerful place to produce effortless results.

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If this resonates with you, join me for a series of 5 calls, one per part of the Strategic Attraction Plan. Your business and your life will change forever.

In this course you would learn how to create quickly a SAPTM plan to turn any disappointment into Money!

A toast to your perfect business and life!