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Please God, get me out of my own way

I love Lisa Nichols when she says: “My prayer is God, let me get out of my own way”.
That sentence impacted me profoundly. Because I realized that I have been getting in the way of my mission. Worrying about whether I was prepared enough, whether I was going to be judged or ridiculed by my peers, even worried for not having the right image for the stage. In the mean time Lisa, on the stage, totally overweight, was changing lives.
In the mean time, the people that needed to hear my voice, that could be healed only by me and my unique perspective were alone in their desperation.
No! I took a step and now there is no way back.This is not negotiable as Lisa Nichols say.
I am taking steps towards my mission whether my ego wants it or not!!

Tomorrow is my first public event in Madrid and I am soooo excited to have been given this opportunity to contribute!!

With Love and gratitude