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Here is a testiomonial from Adam Houtman, CEO & Founder of Vault Stem Cell, a Stem Cell banking company based in Atlanta.

What value have you taken away from The Passion Test for Business process?

Before working on the Passion Test we were struggling to establish a clear Vision, Mission and core values for the company based on our key thought leaders and decision makers. The process has helped us solidify all the ideas into a series of clear statements that really highlight and differentiate the company. This information has been disseminated throughout the entire company and is already leading to a more exciting passionate and determined effort.

How would you rate the facilitator Marinma Dorado and the value that she provides?

Marinma really is an expert and has become a trusted advisor. She brought to the table a clear passion for helping us achieve an outstanding result. She offered so much more value than we had paid for. Marinma instigated more AH-HA moments during this course than we had experienced all year. She is brilliant, honest, and her energy is just such a pleasure to work with.

What would you say to other people to recommend this consulting process?

If you’re looking for a new innovative tool to bring your team together , establish a clear focused collective set of values and passions that get you and your team excited to get up in the morning then this is for you.

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Adam Houtman – Founder and CEO