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Why most core values and mission statements are completely ignored by the employees?

I could not sleep thinking about various things of my business, and I decided to write a potential client from the United States.

We have been discussing the program that I use to improve business performance, called, The Passion Test for Business (PT4B) and he has sent me his Culture Book.

It surprised me how beautifully was written, the words, but also the gorgeous graphical design.

The final result of the process, created by the Marketing Manager in conjunction with the leaders, was almost a work of art. It even looked very similar to a potential document that could be the outcome of the PT4B process, for the Leadership Consulting piece.

I loved the result and I was wondering, how The Passion Test for Business could add to these wonderful set of values.

And then just hit me, the difference was that most values for companies were “engineered” and then the leaders “tried” to live by then, and “tried” to get the employees to live by them through employee meetings, posters on the walls, and even e-learning systems that posted these values.

I have news for you…it doesn´t work.

From my own corporate experience, in small software firms of 30 employees and in giant corporations of 50,000 employees I have seen it. It just does not work that way. I have experienced it in my own working life and that of my colleagues.

If you are not sure, just go around and ask your employees. Can they tell you the company´s values by heart, like are their own values? More importantly, what words come to mind for your clients about you?

So when I went to the PT4B Certification Training, I was eager to find out what was different in what seemed a new way of coming up with the core values, more influenced by the personal development gurus that from the business gurus. How personal development interfaced with business?

And then I got it! And after reading Tony Hsieh’s book about Zappos process, (“Discovering happiness: a path to profits, passion and purpose”) which is very similar to the PT4B, I got reconfirmation of my breakthrough.

The core values, the PT4B way, are not something that you come up with, the most beautiful, the most appropriate for the market, to create an impact in the market, in the employees. It is not even who you want to be.

The Company Passions, in the PT4B philosophy are DISCOVERED!

WOW! That is so different!

Fortunately for me, my client had done the Passion test process for individuals, the one that helps you to discover the 5 Top things that matter most to you in life, your Top 5 Passions.

And in the beginning of this process, he told me 10 things that the thought would need to be there for his ideal life.

But when I asked him some questions, strategically prepared to get him out of his head and to his heart, he discovered that some of things he thought initially were really important, were not so much after all.

And I reminded him few things about his new list:
Did this list feel more real to you? You told me so.
Were you able to put more energy into the 5 things in this list, now that you were clear? You told me so.
Do you feel like you have been able to focus more and create faster results from things in this list? You have been giving me examples of this being the case in the last few months.

So, how do I connect the Passion Test for your ideal life with The Passion Test for Business?

Your Company Values, when engineered, are not taken directly from the source: the leader´s heart, as they would be, if we would use a process as inquisitive and deep as The Passion Test, that allow you to go from your mind to your heart.

What could be the danger? That coming from the head, the energy that you and the rest of the leaders communicate to your employees and even clients, is not as powerful, as when these company passions are discovered, prioritized, so everyone can be heart-connected.

And then imagine that we do the Passion Test for work to your employees and ask them, and discover, what is important to them, what really drives them!
And connect that with your real, heart-felt Company passions, in a ceremony in which you tell them what those passions really mean to you!
WOW! Imagine when they discover that what is really important to you as a leader (and they will feel it, big time, when you read it to them, those passions from the heart), is actually in their list as a person, as a worker! A nuclear reaction is the only comparison possible for the energy that is going to be liberated in your employees, in the company!
And that energy, my friend, you can take it to the bank, is real money! It is employee engagement; it is client attraction because your clients will feel it too!
So, this process is tied up to real results that can be measured, in terms of increased income and profits, along with more satisfied employees, partners and clients and more satisfying working environments.
This is the message that I would love for you to take to your Marketing Manager and rest of your leaders, I told my friend in the US.
And that is my message for you too.
What do you think? I would love to have your thoughts.